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Good Morning from Manila Terminal 3!!! We're one week in to our vacation and will be back by the end of next week!!! In the mean time as many of you have noticed we are still shipping back at home!! The dogs are working hard to keep things going, however we are holding our pre-order items for shipping to make sure they go out correctly and will start shipping out upon our return which will included hundreds of Aeroclassics, Gemini Jets, Phoenix Models, JC Wings & Inflight200s!!! So for now, here are the latest Gemini Jets before we board our next flight!!!

Gemini Jets 1:400

American Airlines A319-100 N725UW - $29.95
Antonov Design Bureau AN-124 UR-82008 - $46.95
British Airways B 787-800 G-ZBJC - $38.95
Comair B 737-800 ZS-ZWI - $29.95
Delta Air Lines B 757-300 N583NW - $31.95
Emirates A380-800 A6-EOH - $46.95
Federal Express B 767-300 N102FE - $33.95
Southwest Airlines B 737-300 N383SW - $29.95
Virgin Atlantic Airways B 787-900 G-VAHH - $38.95

Gemini Jets 1:200

Air China B 777-300 B-2086 - $103.95
American Eagle / Envoy Airlines ERJ-145 N928AE - $55.95
British Airways A320-200 G-EUYV - $63.95
British Airways A380-800 G-XLEB - $129.95
Delta Air Lines B 737-800 N375DA - $63.95
Qantas Airways B 737-800 VH-XZJ - $65.95
South African Airways A340-300 ZS-SXD - $105.95
United Airlines B 787-900 N38950 - $105.95
United Parcel Service B 767-300 N344UP - $76.95

Happy Shopping!!!

 6/29 Phoenix Models Pre-Order!!!
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