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Inflight20 has just announced one very special release!! The ever popular VARIG 747-300!!! This model is due to be very popular and is very very limited in numbers!!! So limited that not one other US retailer has this model for pre-order yet!!! And as you can see by the picture, production is already done!!! Get your order in to avoid missing out!!! In other not so exciting news Aviation200 has announced 3 additional releases.

Inflight200 Pre-Order!!!

VARIG B 747-300 PP-VNI - $154.95

Aviation200 Pre-Order!!

Air Liberte DC-10-30 F-GPVA - $99.95
United States Coast Guard C-130 Hercules 1504 - $78.95
Delta Air Lines C-130 Hercules N9258R - $78.95

Happy Shopping!! Your one and only low-priced Inflight200 retailer in the US of A.

 3/19 Inflight200 Pre-Order!!!
 3/4 JC Wings Pre-Order!!!
 3/2 Aeroclassics Pre-Order!!!
 2/28 Inflight200 Arrivals!!!
 2/18 Gemini Jets Pre-Order!!
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