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The latest Inflight200 models have arrived and are now available for immediate shipping!!! Many of these models are very limited as we get them direct from the source bypassing the slow and miserable US distributor who gets models 6 months behind the rest of the world!!!

Inflight200 Arrivals!!

Air Canada L-1011-1/100 C-FTNL - $144.95
Alaska Airlines CV-880 N8477H - $104.95
Balair DC-8-63 HB-IDZ - $104.95
Cathay Pacific B 747-400 B-HOY - $168.95
Continental Airlines DC-9-30 N43537 - $74.95
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines DC-8-63 PH-DEH - $148.95
Olympic Airways B 727-200 SX-CBH - $94.95
Royal Australian Air Force B 707-300 A20-624 - $109.95
Spanish Air Force L-188 Electra 22-35 - $62.95
Syrianair B 727-200 YK-AGA - $84.95
United Airlines B 720 N7204U - $94.95

There will be a handful more Collection Sale items being added today so be sure to check it out to avoid missing out!!! Happy Shopping!!!

 2/18 Gemini Jets Pre-Order!!
 2/6 Aeroclassics Pre-Order!!!
 1/14 Gemini Jets Pre-Orders!!!
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