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Are you ready for chaos? Because we are!!! The first of the major collection has arrived and models are selling faster then we can list them!!! We've had some real gems including the Inflight200 United 747-400 Battleship, Phoenix Models Swiss A340-300 San Francisco and so many more!!! In the mean time we've still got great models listed like the Inflight200 American A300, Aeroclassics Highland Express 747 and many more!!! Be sure to check them out because if you blink they'll be gone before you know it!!! On top of all that, we've got the latest Gemini Jets and some of the latest JC Wings arrivals!!!

Gemini Jets 1:400

Aer Lingus A320-200 EI-DEK - $31.95
American Airlines B 767-300 N393AN - $36.95
Atlas Air B 747-8 N852GT - $46.95
Delta Connection / Shuttle America ERJ-170 N867RW - $29.95
Emirates A380-800 A6-EOA - $48.95
Qantas Airways B 737-800 VH-VXQ - $31.95
Thomas Cook A330-200 G-TCXB - $37.95
Volaris A321-200 XA-VLH - $31.95
Cebu Pacific A320-200 RP-C4107 - $31.95

Gemini Jets 1:200

Atlas Air B 747-8 N852GT - $137.95
Icelandair B 757-200 TF-FIU - $79.95
JetBlue Airways ERJ-190 N231JB - $67.95
Lufthansa B 777-200 D-ALFA - $109.95
United Airlines A320-200 N404UA - $68.95
United States Air Force C-17 Globemaster 03-3113 - $95.95
Virgin Atlantic Airways A340-600 G-VEIL - $111.95

JC Wings 1;200

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines B 777-300 PH-BVD - $94.95
Air France B 777-300 F-GZNE - $94.95
Aeroflot B 777-300 VQ-BQG - $94.95
Korean Air B 777-300 HL7783 - $94.95
Etihad Airways A340-600 A6-EHJ - $104.95
Boeing Aircraft Company B 747-8 N6067E - $119.95
Cathay Pacific B 747-8 B-LJM - $124.95
Cathay Pacific B 747-8 B-LJC - $124.95
Boeing Aircraft Company B 747-400 N401PW - $124.95
Turkish Airlines B 777-300 TC-JJV - $99.95
Blank Model B 747-8 NA - $114.95
Korean Air B 747-8 HL7629 - $119.95
Korean Air B 747-8 HL7630 - $119.95
Air France A330-200 F-GZCM - $89.95
Aeromexico B 787-800 N965AM - $89.95
Aeromexico B 787-800 XA-AMX - $89.95
South African Airways A340-600 ZS-SNC - $94.95
Asiana Airlines A380-800 HL7626 - $119.95

We'll have pictures up in the AM as we focused on getting out over 130 boxes to you the customer today!! We'll have a small handful of collection sale items in the morning, another 300-400 on Friday, and then first large batch of nearly 1000 starting next Tuesday. Also in between all of that we'll have new Herpa's arriving tomorrow, a great batch of some new Aeroclassics, and new Inflight200 and Phoenix hopefully by the end of next week if not early the following week!!! 

Last but not least we've got another batch of eBay ending tomorrow so be sure to check it out!!!

The one stop shop for gently used models!!! Happy Shopping!!!

 4/23 Inflight200 Pre-Order!!!
 4/6 Aeroclassics Pre-Order!!!
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